Moisturizing And Regenerating Cream With Snail Extract LeReel


Highly effective product for smoothing, moisturizing, reducing the wrinkles and it is a skin equalizer.

Highly effective product for smoothing, moisturizing, reducing the wrinkles and it is a skin equalizer.


Highly effective product for smoothing, moisturizing, reducing the wrinkles and it is a skin equalizer The cream with combined use (day and night) immediately improves the skin comfort. Comprehensive care for beautiful appearance, combining high content of snail extract, oils of almond, argan and marigold concrete. The cream LeReel meets the requirements of even the most capricious skin. The cream softens, regenerates, nourishes and quickly regained fresh look, while protecting the skin from harmful environmental influences and stop premature aging. Due to its formula the product has a rapid and prolonged action

  • Moisturizing and skin softening
  • Effaces spots and wrinkles
  • Equalizing the skin complexion, restores brilliance of tired skin
  • Nourishing and toning
  • Keeping the skin healthy and protected
  • Delaying the aging process
  • Removing the acne comedones
  • Shrink the size of pores
  • The cream has a soothing effect, especially in itching and burning

Due to the high content of snail extract and active ingredients only after two weeks of daily usage, the skin is visibly improved and with rejuvenated appearance – Moisturized, soft and radiant.

The effect of the ingredients

The snail extract. As we said at a date the snail extract is unmatched with so strong components for skin rejuvenation. Many people define its action as a "miracle" because of the quick results to smooth wrinkles and restore skin density. It is very rich in collagen, elastin, allantoin, glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, peptides and glycopeptides, glycolic acid, vitamins A, C and E. The active ingredients are very close in composition and structure to those in the human body. This allows maximum full and effective absorption with excellent results. The snail extract gives ideal protection against aging and harmful environmental influences. The extract restores skin tone, eliminates "Wilting" skin and the skin becomes smooth, soft, radiant and with beautiful appearance.

Argan oil. One of the most revered ingredients for beautiful and healthy skin! Successfully reduces wrinkles and prevents new ones. Softens and nourishes. Immediately creates a sense of comfort. Effaces acne, psoriasis and redness. It is excellent antioxidant with rejuvenating properties.

Avocado oil. Remarkable ingredient which moisturizes the skin, making it soft, smooth and silky. Rapidly absorbes and penetrates deeply. Gives our skin invaluable elements, stimulates collagen production. The oil has a rapid action to restore the skin elasticity. Equalizes the skin complexion and delays aging.

Marigold concrete. The Marigold concrete has delightful action to strengthen the skin and to equalize its complexion, including age spots. It is very effective against skin roughness and any inequalities. Marigold concrete is excellent for acne, redness, rashes, burns. It has strong antimicrobial properties.

The combined LeReel cream is a superior product for restoring and maintaining the radiant-looking skin.

How to use: Apply morning and evening on thoroughly cleaned skin. For an enhanced effect, use the cream in combination with Regenerating Serum with snail extract LeReel.