Подмладяване на лицето с екстракт от охлюви
Facial Rejuvenation With Snail Extract
Защо екстрактът от охлюви е съставка без аналог за красотата на кожата
Why Snail Extract Is The Ingredient For Skin Beauty That Has No Analogue?
Подмладяване на кожата около очите с екстракт от охлюви

Подмладяване на кожата около очите с екстракт от охлюви

The skin around the eyes is more subtle and delicate than other areas of the face. It is also very sensitive to environmental factors. Precisely in eye area are visible signs of fatigue and lifestyle, the first signs of aging and damage caused by free radicals.

The care for the eye area is extremely important but relatively difficult. This is because this area is very sensitive so most anti-wrinkle products are not suitable for the eye area and irritate eyes. For effacing the wrinkles around the eyes is needed natural agent that does not irritate the eyes. Snail extract is an excellent rejuvenating and regenerating for this delicate area.

The secret of snail extract for rejuvenation is that it contains proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. They are important for eye contour because they nourish and hydrate the skin thereby supporting the cellular processes and the fight against wrinkles, free radicals, dark circles and puffiness under eyes.

The snail extract has close composition to the human`s saliva. Because of this, it is easily perceived by the skin, making it extremely suitable for the eye area. For the delicate eye area should be avoid aggressive ingredients that may injure the skin. For example, the serum with a high percentage of snail extract LeReel is an ideal solution for a beautiful and youthful skin around the eyes. But not only. It can be applied all over the face, skin and neck, hands, including on scars and stretch marks. Due to its concentrated active ingredients, the serum gives very quick results that improve skin elasticity, complexion and strength.

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