Как екстрактът от охлюви заличава акнето
How Snail Extract Can Effaces Acne?
Подмладяване на лицето с екстракт от охлюви
Facial Rejuvenation With Snail Extract
Силата на Екстракта от охлюви срещу белези и стрии

Силата на Екстракта от охлюви срещу белези и стрии

The scars are obtained when on the site of abnormal skin tissue appears a new rough and inelastic tissue. Scars can be caused by various skin wounds such as burns, cuts, stretch marks and more. Nobody likes scars but unfortunately they are removed very difficult. People often use expensive treatment to erase them, but even then the result is not guaranteed.

Treatment of scars, pigmentation and stretch marks is a long process which consists in softening the hard connective tissues and leveling skin color. The duration of treatment depends on the individual characteristics and abilities of the body for restructuring. Fortunately the nature has created a natural way to facilitate more rapid removal of scars and stretch marks without a surgery.

The snail extract is the effective solution for scars and stretch marks. It makes the skin more elastic and smooth by enhancing healing and contributes to the overall recovery of its structure. The extract has very effective action for efface of scars and stretch marks and for improving the skin color.

The extract is obtained from the garden snail Helix aspersa and contains valuable components such as collagen, elastin, allantoin, glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, peptides and glycopeptides, glycolic acid, vitamins A, C and E and many others. The active ingredients are very close in composition and structure to those in the human body, which facilitates the skin recovery and regeneration processes.

The snail extract noticeably improves the appearance of skin, stimulating the cell regeneration. The extract increases its elasticity, deep hydration and effaces skin blemishes and imperfections. The snail extract is the right natural remedy in case of spots, scars and stretch marks. To make sure that our cosmetic products have a high content of the essential ingredient, we always must choose LeReel cosmetics!

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