Защо екстрактът от охлюви е съставка без аналог за красотата на кожата
Why Snail Extract Is The Ingredient For Skin Beauty That Has No Analogue?
Чудотворният български охлюв

Чудотворният български охлюв

New Bulgarian pride is about to conquer the world! The native garden snail has stunned experts with its rejuvenating effect. The extract of snail garden regenerates the skin and works against all imperfections" – wrinkles, spots, lichens, acne comedones.  According to Alexander Reeve, who bought the extract of Bulgarian garden snail and submitted it to the Italian cosmetic company: The idea of that cosmetics is to eliminate the need of plastic surgery and facelifting because the cosmetic products from snail have incredible lifting effect.

Scientists from the BAS, headed by eng. Alexander Dolashka for many years developed cosmetic products and supplements with snail extract from Bulgarian snail Helix aspersa. The products receive much acclaim due to its effectiveness. And thanks to the cosmetics LeReel, users can fully benefit from the miracle of snail extract.

„Did you know that the blood of snails is blue?“  Dr. Alexander Dolashka a scientist at BAS and manufacturer of Bulgarian products with snail extract. Actually the animals were honored for centuries. Hippocrates himself – The Father of medicine, recommended to put a snail on a wound for its faster healing. But more interesting is that only Bulgarian garden snail has so strong regenerating properties.

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