Чудотворният български охлюв

The Miraculous Bulgarian Snail

New Bulgarian pride is about to conquer the world! The native garden snail has stunned experts with its rejuvenating effect. The extract of snail garden regenerates […]
Защо екстрактът от охлюви е съставка без аналог за красотата на кожата

Why Snail Extract Is The Ingredient For Skin Beauty That Has No Analogue?

The condition of the skin is a symbol of human beauty. The skin should be soft, smooth, with no wrinkles, with no acne and comedones. The […]
Подмладяване на кожата около очите с екстракт от охлюви

Rejuvenating The Eye Area With Snail Extract

The skin around the eyes is more subtle and delicate than other areas of the face. It is also very sensitive to environmental factors. Precisely in […]
Подмладяване на лицето с екстракт от охлюви

Facial Rejuvenation With Snail Extract

Since ancient times people are looking for the fountain of youth. The truth is that it has always been close to us. Elixir of youth is […]
Силата на Екстракта от охлюви срещу белези и стрии

Snail Extract Against Scars And Stretch Marks

The scars are obtained when on the site of abnormal skin tissue appears a new rough and inelastic tissue. Scars can be caused by various skin […]
Как екстрактът от охлюви заличава акнето

How Snail Extract Can Effaces Acne?

Acne mainly affects young people, but it can affect older people too. Pimples of acne and the scars that remain on the face could lower our […]