Подмладяване на кожата около очите с екстракт от охлюви
Rejuvenating The Eye Area With Snail Extract
Чудотворният български охлюв
The Miraculous Bulgarian Snail
Защо екстрактът от охлюви е съставка без аналог за красотата на кожата

Защо екстрактът от охлюви е съставка без аналог за красотата на кожата

The condition of the skin is a symbol of human beauty. The skin should be soft, smooth, with no wrinkles, with no acne and comedones. The ancient Greeks are one the biggest connoisseurs of the beauty and they have found an unique way to keep for a long time youthful glow of the skin. They used snail mucus for smoothing the skin and for effaces the wrinkles. They called it a fountain of youth.

Nowadays, there are numerous studies of the secretion of snails or so called snail extract which prove its miraculous properties for the skin. The snail extract has a close basis to the human`s saliva. Due to this it affects well both snails and humans. It is rich in elastin, proteins, vitamin A and glycolic acids, which protect the skin from infections and harmful effects of UV radiation. Scientists believe that the extract simulated the production of collagen and the skin's ability to retain moisture, which means that the skin remains hydrated longer.

According to experts snail extract has such a strong effect that remodels the skin in depth, activates cell metabolism, has anti-inflammatory effect, softens and soothes the skin. Effacing wrinkles and scars by stimulating the formation of new cells.

The incredible properties of snail extract proving that this is the ingredient with no analogue as strong components of the good appearance of the skin. Especially when the extract is obtained from the Bulgarian garden snail Helix aspersa. Fortunately now in our country there are many farms that obtain the magic ingredient without hurting the animals. The team of Alex 1977 Ltd. constantly tests extracts and selects these with the strongest components.

In products LeReel the content of the ingredient is very high, so we can enjoy fast results for smoothing and restoring the skin, for effacing wrinkles, spots, scars, acne and everything that makes us to feel not beautiful.

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